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Compa Capital

Across various global cultures, compa is a term of camaraderie among close friends. This principle guides our relationships with the founders we support—
those forged in mutual trust, respect, shared ambition and enduring partnership.

We are an early stage crypto fund that believes ownership will be redefined by open, inclusive and permissionless networks.

Areas of Focus

  • Decentralized Infrastructure

  • Defi & NFTfi

  • Open Media

  • Data & Analytics

  • Identity

  • Gaming & Entertainment

Fernando GouveiaManaging Partner

Fernando Gouveia

Fern has been involved with crypto for over a decade as a founder and operator, and built both consumer-facing and institutional-focused products used by more than 20 million people.

He is empathetic to a founder's emotional journey, stoic during bear and bull markets and dedicated to uplifting the leaders that will transform the industry.


Compa invests in both venture & liquid opportunities that upgrade commerce, content & community.